Why Use A DMK Specialist

Why Use A DMK Specialist?

A DMK specialist is an expert in enzyme treatments, an approach that can be used to enhance the health of your facial skin. With these popular approaches to skincare, you can get a range of treatments to target specific issues. From acne and bacteria protection to rejuvenating scar tissue, this is a profound and wide-reaching treatment that can help bolster the health of your skin. Read on to learn more about the types of treatments you can receive.

What Is Enzyme Therapy?

Enzyme Therapy is a hard-setting face and body mask applied from the bust or upper chest area, up the neck, and over the face.  The cover contains living enzymes that stimulate your natural system to speed up cellular processes within the skin. The mask creates downward pressure, enabling the circulatory system to pump fresh, oxygenated blood through the capillaries. The lymphatic system eliminates dead cell material, toxins, and build-up when nutrients and oxygen gets into the skin in this way.

Quick Peel

This approach helps lower the skin’s pH and remove dead skin cells that may be settled around your face. In addition, the active ingredients create heat on the skin, stimulating blood flow along the surface layer. This treatment purges and oxygenates your skin, leaving it smooth, fresh and vibrant. A beneficial remedy for both pimples and breakouts and safe for clients with sensitive skin.

Muscle Banding

Muscle Banding is an additional technique employed during the Enzyme mask. This mask causes involuntary contractions of the face and neck muscles. Each contraction leads to an increased flow of oxygen, lymph, and blood to the face and neck tissues. The result is a heightened flow of lactic acid to the muscles that help to stimulate blood flow. The enzymes can also contain a complex, which is extremely useful in strengthening and repairing tissues.

Facial Therapy

Microcurrent Therapy can be included with the Enzyme Facial to enhance the benefits of the treatment. Coupling these components will provide additional benefits for the microcurrent to have more impact on your skin. Facial Therapy diminishes fine lines and wrinkles, improves circulation, and reduces acne. This treatment also improves muscle tone and can help lift heavy jowls and eyebrows.

When you visit a DMK specialist, you can get a brilliant DMK skincare treatment range to care for your face and body. With the help of professionals, you can care for your face and body in the best way, providing much-needed nutrients to the skin. Use enzymes to enhance your beauty. Contact us to find out more.

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