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Spoil Yourself With A Lavish Spa Treatment

Why not spoil yourself with a Lavish Skin Boutique indulgent Spa Treatment in Robina that will restore your body and revitalise your senses! Book an appointment now to treat yourself to one of our amazing treatments.

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Back Massage

Experience A Lavish Back Massage

At Lavish, we offer a 30 minute back massage by our highly skilled Massage Therapists. You will receive total comfort during your massage. If there is anything you would like adjusted, such as the temperature, music volume, lighting level, massage pressure, or even a particular area, please let us know so we can accommodate you as best we can.

Pure Fiji Spa Pedicure

A pedicure is a therapeutic beauty treatment which is designed to improve – or maintain – the appearance and condition of the feet and toenails. 

Revitalise in a luxurious warm foot bath with the fragrance of Pure Fiji. Ending in a refreshing leg massage includes foot buff, nail shaping, cuticles and polish.

Detoxifying Body Wrap

Body Wraps can help you lose inches fast!

The removal of excess water in the body by using a body wrap will reduce inches from your thighs, buttocks, arms, and tummy.

Our Body Wraps are most effective when used consistently – even if you are satisfied with your initial results, we suggest continuing weekly treatments for one to two months.

As with any weight loss treatment, a healthy lifestyle that includes balanced eating and moderate exercise is crucial to maintaining the results.

Body wraps are one of the best ways to kick-start your weight loss regime by giving you instant and visible results as soon as you leave the salon.


Lavish Skin Boutique is your number one choice for a Spa Treatment in Robina. You will feel amazing after you have completed your experience with one of our Spa Treatments. Book Now – You deserve it!!

Listed below are a couple of reasons why people visit Lavish Skin Boutique in Robina for a spa treatment:-

1. To Detox

The process of detoxification is the removal of unhealthy and toxic materials from the body. There’s no better place to do that than Lavish Skin Boutique Robina. You can lose weight as well as remove unwanted substances from your body.

2. To Boost self-esteem and confidence.

People who receive spa treatments regularly tend to be happier. This happiness is reflected in their positive energy and feeling.

When approaching an important event, a spa treatment can also help ease your nerves.

3. To Lower Blood Pressure

A massage session calms the sympathetic nervous system, which is responsible for causing high blood pressure. Having high blood pressure contributes to heart disease.

Massages can reduce your blood pressure while increasing your heart rate. By improving your cardiovascular health, it will make the circulatory system work effectively.

4. To Reduce Pain

Back pain and the general protection of the spine are common reasons why people seek out spa treatments. A massage works wonders in reducing or removing such pain.

5. To Reduces Stress

Mental health issues are on the rise at an alarming rate. Visiting our salon in Robina for a spa treatment regularly will prevent you from becoming part of this statistic.

In addition to clearing your mind during and after your spa treatment, it will also make it easier to sleep at night. Sleeping improves mental health by reducing stress.

6. To Lose Weight

Weight loss can be accomplished with a lavish detoxifying body wrap.

7. To Relax

Spa treatments can help you feel relaxed after a hectic day of activities.

Spa treatments offer an entirely different environment, almost like stepping into another world. The lack of distraction is a great way to relax both your body and mind.

After Leaving Lavish Skin Boutique:-

  • Be sure to drink plenty of water for 48 hours.
  • Eat plenty of raw fruits and vegetables. This will help reduce the risk of dehydration.
  • Avoid eating large or heavy meals for the next 24 hours.
  • Drink no alcohol, caffeine, or fizzy drinks for at least 24 hours after treatment.
  • Do not bathe or shower for at least 12 hours to allow the product to do its job.

In order to help maintain the gorgeous appearance of your feet longer after your pedicure, do the following after leaving our salon:-

  • Wear open shoes for a few hours after your pedicure – wearing bulky shoes or trainers will ruin the work of your therapist. 

  • If you wish to maintain your feet in the same condition after returning home, you can buy the products used during your pedicure from our salon.

  • After your pedicure, avoid getting your feet wet for at least 12 hours. It is still possible for nail polish that is touching-dry to harden up to this point, and excessive moisture may cause it to peel or chip prematurely. 

  • Keep hard skin under control with a pumice stone between pedicures.

After your massage, both your body and mind are relaxed. To ensure you receive maximum benefits from your treatment, the following advice is recommended after leaving our salon:-

  • After your treatment, drink plenty of water. It helps the body in rehydrating, replenishing lost fluids, reducing fatigue and eliminating toxins.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol or caffeine-containing beverages for 12 hours as they dehydrate the body.
  • To further help your body relax and de-stress, do not engage in strenuous activities for the next 12 hours.
  • Take time to do simple breathing exercises.
  • Standing up after sitting at a computer for more than 20 minutes is a good way to stretch and warm up your joints. Get yourself a glass of water.
  • Regular massage treatments are most effective. Schedule your next appointment as soon as possible.
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