DMK Enzyme Therapy​

Transform Your Skin with DMK Facial in Robina​

The deep exfoliating, firming, and strengthening DMK Enzyme Treatments are designed to deeply and effectively regenerate, rejuvenate, and clear your skin of acne, redness, and other imperfections. 

DMK Enzyme Therapy

Rejuvenate Your Skin With DMK Enzyme Therapy

DMK Enzyme Therapy is a revolutionary facial treatment that focuses primarily on improving the long-term health of the skin instead of offering quick, short-term fixes. It works on the principles of biochemistry, and it understands that the biggest skin problem many people struggle with is none other than the disharmony between different parts of the skin.

Our DMK skincare & facial aestheticians at Lavish Skin Boutique are proud to offer this innovative solution to all our clients in Robina. We make sure to follow its foolproof procedural steps every time: remove, rebuild, protect, and maintain. 

REMOVE: Developing many types of unwanted skin conditions usually comes down to waste build-up within your skin, and this is where the enzyme therapy comes in. Getting rid of the build-up is the first step toward healthy, glowing skin.

REBUILD: The rebuild focuses on improving the process inside the skin, which will result in healthy cells. Everything that’s good will resurface, and it will leave you with young, fresh, and healthy skin.

PROTECT: There are many factors out there that continually damage our skin, ultraviolet rays being some of the biggest ones. This is why DMK Enzyme Therapy believes that protecting the skin is just as important as treating the issue.

MAINTAIN: Provided that you keep taking good care of your skin with healthy products, the DMK Enzyme Therapy will ensure long-lasting results and healthy, youthful skin.


Our DMK Enzyme Therapy in Robina is used in treating nearly all types of skin and skin conditions. It brings about a multitude of benefits and is highly effective in treating skin acne, skin pigmentation, rosacea, enlarged pores, dehydrated or dry skin, and similar signs of skin imbalance. What’s amazing about DMK Enzyme Therapy is that it doesn’t work only on the surface of the skin to treat the symptoms, but it works on a much deeper level of the skin cells to treat the condition itself and its cause. 

DMK Enzyme Therapy or DMK facial is a treatment that consists of several crucial steps, with the most important one being a hard-setting face mask that is applied to your face and neck. This mask is made up of living enzymes that stimulate your skin cells and your own enzymes, which in turn stimulate the blood circulation, production of oxygen, production of collagen, and remove dead cells. But before the mask is put on, we will need to properly prepare your skin for it, so this is what the entire process looks like:

#1 Deep skin cleansing

#2 Skin detox with a detoxifying toner

#3 Skin exfoliation

#4 Application of the DMK Enzyme mask, which we leave on for about 45minutes

Overall, the DMK treatment lasts about 90 minutes total, leaving you well-rested, relaxed, and with beautiful, renewed skin.

Visit Lavish Skin Boutique in Robina and experience the difference! Our amazing aestheticians will carefully pinpoint your main skin concerns, gently and thoroughly examine your skin, and decide on a unique treatment using various DMK formulations. Once we’re done, all you will be left with is healthy, hydrated, glowing skin, and a feeling of complete rejuvenation.

Lavish Skin Boutique is your number one choice for DMK Enzyme Therapy in Robina! Our experienced DMK facial aestheticians will make your skin glow again and help you feel amazing in your own skin! Book your appointment today! If you are not sure what treatment is suited, book in for a complimentary skin analysis to let the Lavish team help choose the right DMK treatment for you.

  •  Experience deep, thorough cleansing and feel like a brand-new person with glowing, firm skin.
  • Feel safe in the hands of our experienced DMK enzyme therapy experts and let them transform your skin.
  • Custom-tailored DMK enzyme treatments that we fully adapt to your specific skin type, condition, and desired effects.

Immediately after the DMK facial, you will notice that your veins are very visible under your skin, and this effect is called the “plasmatic effect.” This is perfectly normal and simply the result of the enzymes doing their job. The effect will quickly fade away, usually within 10-20 minutes. 

Usually, you will need a minimum of three DMK enzyme treatments for optimal results, but the number will depend on your specific skin condition and your individual needs. At Lavish Skin Boutique in Robina, we will always create a custom DMK Enzyme Therapy process for you and make sure you get the results you want.

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