Waxing 101: What You Need To Know

When you visit a beauty salon in Robina like Lavish Skin Boutique, there are three things you can count on: superb services, relaxation, and excellent results. Heading out for some pampering is something everyone should do. Why? Because you deserve it! You deserve to be treated and look and feel your best, and that’s precisely what we aim to achieve with our treatments. From facials and waxing to the most beautiful manicures and pedicures, you’ll feel better than ever after visiting our boutique.

In this article, we take a deeper look at waxing and help you prepare for your first appointment.

Pre-Waxing Care

Waxing is a popular treatment for both men and women because it provides silky smooth skin for several weeks before hair grows back. However, if you have never been waxed before, you may have some anxiety around your first appointment. However, if you’ve managed to live with razor burn, ingrown hairs, and no downtime between shaves, then you will be able to manage your first waxing session.

To prepare, try to exfoliate the skin as best as possible to remove any dead skin. This will ensure the wax sticks more to your hair than your skin, so it will be less painful when the wax strips are removed. In addition, you can take an anti-inflammatory 30 minutes prior to your appointment to help reduce any pain or swelling associated with the treatment.

Fortunately, the team at Lavish Skin Boutique is highly experienced and will make you feel comfortable throughout your appointment.

After-Waxing Maintenance

Skin sensitivity is to be expected following a waxing procedure, but it should resolve within a day or two. Fortunately, there are some ways you can reduce skin irritation or discomfort, such as by applying aloe vera, which is an excellent skin-cooling product, and wearing loose clothing to avoid direct contact with the skin. A few things you should avoid doing after being waxed are exercising, being in the sun for too long, and using perfumed soaps, which could aggravate your already inflamed or irritated skin.

Overall, waxing is an effective way to rid your body of unwanted hair for long periods of time, and the more you do it, the more you can tolerate the procedure. Whether it’s your first time or your tenth time at Lavish Skin Boutique, the number one beauty salon in Robina, you are guranteed the very best experience every time. Contact us today to book your appointment.

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