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Treat Your Feet With A Pedicure In Robina

For many of us, our feet are mostly confined to the inside of a tight-fitting shoe. From morning till night, our toes are hidden and suffocated from fresh air and sunlight. Although they’re often an overlooked part of our bodies, they are just as important as every other part, which is why you should schedule a pedicure in Robina with Lavish Skin Boutique!

As a treat to your hard-working feet, you can sit back and relax while we show them some appreciation for all the places they take you. A good soak, conditioning and nail treatment are far less than they deserve, but we’ll start with that and make sure you come in frequently to take the load off and give your feet a much-needed rest and pamper.

Your feet will look and feel completely renewed so you can walk with a spring in your step and a smile on your face! So, schedule your pedicure appointment in Robina today!

Treat Your Feet.

Take a look at your feet right now. Don’t worry about smelly socks or pungent toe jam; just whip them out and give them a thorough look-through. Well, what do you see? Scraggly toenails? Bunions? Dry skin? How do they feel? Do they hurt when you walk? If any of these suggestions jump out at you, it’s completely normal!

The truth is, many of us simply don’t have the time or skill to keep our toenails perfectly shaped and healthy, and dry skin can often be caused by genetics, so don’t feel ashamed.

The most important thing is that you acknowledge the need for foot care, and that’s where we come in! Our team of professionals are trained to give your feet a new lease on life and make every day the perfect day for open shoes! So, if you’re in the market to treat your feet, we’re the best place to do it!

Hygiene And Your Feet.  

This can be a cringy topic to address, but we need you to be honest with yourself: how often do you give your feet a proper scrub? Not just a quick wash in the shower – a thorough dead-skin removing foot scrub. If you can’t remember the last time you spent that quality time with your feet, you’re not alone!

We just don’t always have the time to get down to business with our feet, but that usually means we allow bacteria to sit around a little too long. Bacteria overgrowth can cause several complications for our feet, toes and nails, which is why it’s so important to keep them clean and schedule regular pedicures to keep them looking and feeling healthy.

So, treat your feet, refresh your step, and schedule your pedicure appointment in Robina today! Contact Lavish Skin Boutique to learn more!

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