Pro-Alpha Peel – The Rising Skin Care Treatment

The Pro Alpha Peel is a skin resurfacing and remodelling technique designed to remove dead skin cells and stimulate collagen production in the skin. It has been created to enhance the skin’s structural integrity and aid in returning it to a young, healthy state. The procedure blows off any debris made of dead skin cells and deeper pigmentation while drawing water back to the skin’s dermis layer. A thorough skin resurfacing technique is intended to improve the client’s skin condition.

It Works Well On:

– Skin that has been sun-damaged and aged; – Fine lines, wrinkles, and glycation

– Coarse, thick skin

– Scars from acne

– Inequalities in skin tone

– Hyperpigmentation is passive

– Any person seeking to seem younger and avoid ageing

Indications against this therapy:

– Anyone with recurrent cold sores

– Excessively greasy clientele

– Indian skin

– Anyone using too many drugs

– Autoimmune illnesses

Skin Peeling Therapy That Produces Natural Results!

All skin types and ethnicities, male and female, can safely use PRO ALPHA PEEL. Although it was created primarily for ageing skin, it also works wonders on thick skin, skin with an uneven texture, scars, and other skin issues.

Pro Alpha Peel is the best option for people who wish to drastically and quickly reduce signs of ageing but do not want to commit to invasive surgery or treatments. This peel, which takes an aesthetic approach to skin restoration, encourages the skin to function as it was young by restoring it to optimal health. Your therapist adjusts the formulation’s strength to fit your skin’s colour, texture, sensitivity, and state. Old, damaged skin tightens, lifts, and peels away in just 10 days to reveal skin that looks younger, is smoother, and is working at its best. In just 10 days, you might age 10 years!

The Peel Method

  • Every peel has a different skin support programme and preparation regimen customised for your unique needs.
  • Most customers will often prepare the skin with a few Enzyme Therapy Treatments to strengthen the skin and promote healthy skin functioning.
  • Better skin healing is always the rule!
  • For best results, pre- and post-home care are also necessary.

Your skin will regain its natural brightness and colour and have a soft, even tone that you haven’t seen in years! So schedule a consultation with us immediately to learn how to lose those years and look young and vibrant once again!


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