Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash Extensions Can Give You the Gorgeous Eyes You’ve Always Wanted

The windows of your soul are supposed to be your eyes. Even if this is not true, a pair of eyes is one of the first things others notice about them, and they convey a lot before they ever speak. So consider eyelash extensions in Robina the perfect messengers if you want your eyes to say something about you – perhaps that you’re a bright, confident, and bold individual. Our objective at Lavish Skin Boutique is to make sure you have the resources you need to look and feel your best. We’ve got your aesthetic needs covered from head to toe, with innovative laser skincare services and quick cosmetic tricks that make a big difference.

Here’s how lash extensions can help you achieve the flirtatious, beautiful eyes you’ve always desired.

Minor Tweaks Provide Big Results

It’s amazing how the tiny hairs that surround your eyes can have such an impact on your overall appearance, but they can. As a result, eyelash extensions have taken their place as one of the go-to tools for eyes that make an impression. Women have been framing their eyes for millennia, to great effect, and now eyelash extensions are taking their place as one of the go-to tools for eyes that make an impression.

Your eyes will fade into your face if you have short, thin, or extremely pale lashes, no matter how gorgeous they are. We can draw attention back to your eyes with lash extensions, giving them a beautiful framing that complements them wonderfully.

Get Rid Of The Drudgery Of The Day-To-Day Grind

It takes a lot of effort to apply and maintain mascara regularly. With lash extensions, though, you can actually bounce out of bed each morning, appearing bright-eyed. Let’s not even get started on the issues that fake eyelashes can cause. It takes a Herculean effort to put them on, and you can never be sure that they’ll stay put. Lash extensions can lengthen, thicken, and darken your lashes, accomplishing everything mascara and artificial lashes can, plus a lot more.

How Does It Work?

We apply for eyelash extensions meticulously, one at a time, which is why they are so successful. Then, when you arrive, you lie down on our luxurious Tempurpedic treatment bed, and our aesthetician or artist delicately places each synthetic lash onto your natural lashes with tweezers.

It takes around two hours to complete the procedure, and you’ll be rewarded with eyes that pop out from beneath long, luxuriant lashes.

If you want the benefits of attractive, enhanced eyelash extensions in Robina without the hassle of wearing mascara, eyelash extensions at Lavish Skin Boutique may be the perfect option for you. Call us today to set up an appointment.


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