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Common Questions About Brow Laminating

Having fuller, fluffier brows has probably been on everyone’s list at some point, but not everyone was jumping into the microblading pool with undeniable eagerness. Although the results of microblading speak for themselves, brow laminating has completely changed the game.

The non-invasive, incredibly relaxing, and almost therapeutic process of brow laminate services in the Gold Coast has become a wildfire of popularity to help people achieve the brows they’ve always dreamt of. Now, instead of envying the perfectly shaped and full brows of others, you can admire your own when you visit the Lavish Skin Boutique in Robina.

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Common Questions About Brow Laminating.

When you’re constantly bombarded by social media posts of beautiful people with perfect brows, it can be hard to accept yours as they are. Whether they are thin or grow out of control, laminating is an easily accessible service to help you embrace your eyebrows and love the way you look.

Take a look at these common questions to help you decide if laminating is for you:

  1. Is brow laminating permanent? No, it is not a permanent beauty treatment. Laminating typically lasts up to eight weeks, depending on the hair, so if you’re not entirely loving the look, your eyebrows will eventually return to their original shape.
  2. Are there any risks? Since the process is non-invasive, there are no risks involved. It all comes down to choosing the best treatment facility, so you are given the highest quality services and results.
  3. How often can I have my brows done? Typically, you can schedule another treatment once your brows have returned to their natural state. It’s important to maintain the integrity of the hair, so it’s best to leave some time between each treatment.
  4. How do I care for my brows after lamination? The after-care for your brows is tremendously easy. Avoid steaming hot showers and heavy make-up removal for at least a day to allow them to set. After twenty-four hours, your brows will retain their shape, and you can comb them to your preference.

All-in-all, brow laminating services on the Gold Coast are something to try at least once since there’s no lifetime commitment to how it suits your face. It helps define your features and is a get-up-and-go solution if you would rather hit the snooze button in the morning before heading to the office.

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