Waxing Treatments

Benefits Of Professional Waxing Treatments on the Gold Coast

Sick of having no rest between shavings, inflamed follicles, and excruciating razor burn? Lavish Skin Boutique is the waxing on the Gold Coast solution you need. We take the time to ensure that the hair is removed without snapping, so you have longer periods with minimal growth in between every session.

We don’t merely remove hair with poor-quality supplies. Lavish Skin Boutique uses superior brands such as Jax Wax which is not only vegan but cruelty-free too. An all-natural Australian hand-crafted product, giving you delicate skin with every appointment.

Minimises Itching And Growth

It will feel rough and scratchy on your legs if you don’t shave them frequently enough. Less scratchiness follows waxing since there is slower regeneration.

Improves Hair Thickness 

The hairs not only disappear for a longer period, but they also regrow significantly lighter. In addition, waxing removes hair from the root, harming the hair follicle. Thus, hair growth will gradually get finer and patchier with time and regularity. This implies that hair removal will become simpler and less frequent over time.

Smoother Finish 

When using a razor, you risk getting cuts or burns. However, you can lessen ingrown hairs and post-inflammatory colouration, frequently brought on by lesions, when you have a quality wax from a qualified professional utilising suitable techniques.

Decreases Skin Imperfections 

Any razor has the potential to result in cuts, pimples, razor burns, and rashes, especially on skin that is already sensitive. Skin is less vulnerable to these kinds of abrasions while using waxing treatments. Many products are made with chemicals that can help calm skin and lessen irritability or are designed to be ideal for waxing sensitive skin.

Lavish Skin Boutique Waxing Benefits 

We at Lavish Skin Boutique recognise how intimate the hair removal procedure may be, which is why we work to put our clients at ease as soon as they enter our salon. Our Robina waxing services are intended to provide a delightful experience that will leave you with smooth, radiant skin and a sense of confidence and beauty.

We have you covered for everything from eyebrow and lip waxing to bikini and Brazilian waxing! Our highly trained experts treat each client with care and concern while using efficient and specialised waxing techniques adapted to your needs. We also employ a soft wax that is excellent for delicate skin.

We’ll go above and beyond to make the entire waxing procedure memorable. You will receive excellent treatment from our beauticians, who will also help you feel gorgeous inside and out. Book waxing on the Gold Coast today!


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