Waxing (Male)

Male Waxing in Robina

Discover the difference! Lavish Skin Boutique offer the most effective methods for male waxing! From back, chest to brows, we’ve got you covered.

Waxing For Males​

Your Local Waxing Specialist in Robina

Our waxing services cover the most popular areas for males! Back, chest, and brow waxing are available. Waxing delivers lasting results because it removes hair from the root, leaving your skin smooth for up to four weeks. 


When it comes to providing men on the Gold Coast with a high-quality waxing experience, Lavish Skin Boutique is your number one choice. Unlike other salons, we specialise in men’s waxing too. Each and every one of us should experience the silky smooth sensation that follows a Lavish wax. In addition, we recognise that waxing males involves very different requirements, and we have a qualified specialist who has years of experience. Feel comfortable and relaxed knowing that you are in capable hands.  
Benefits of Waxing:-
  • There will be an even and smooth appearance to your skin.
  • Your skin will be gently exfoliated.
  • Your skin will be less irritable and prickly.
  • You will avoid cuts and nicks.
  • You will have fewer ingrown hairs.
  • You will be stubble-free.
  • As your hair grows back, it will become thinner and sparser.
  • There will be less re-growth between appointments.
  • The effect of waxing lasts longer than shaving.
Male Waxing Preparation
  • You will need to make sure the hairs are long enough to be waxed. The preferred length for effectively removing hair is usually around 0.75cm-1cm. If you shaved your hair, you will need to wait approximately two weeks before you can wax it. 
  • Exfoliate your skin with a loofah to avoid ingrown hairs.
  • Be sure to avoid gels, moisturizers, and oils before waxing in order to achieve the best hair removal results.
  • Tanning should be avoided 24 hours before waxing.
Male Waxing Aftercare Advice

During the 24 hours following your treatment, it is recommended that you avoid direct sunlight, excessive exercise or heat such as saunas. You should also avoid scratching the area or applying fake tan.

It is also recommended that you wear loose clothing right after your waxing session. As a precaution, this will prevent sweat and friction, which might cause irritation.

Exfoliating the skin two or three days after waxing is ideal. This will allow your pores to close and your skin to recover. 

If you notice ingrown hair after waxing, leave it alone for at least 48 hours, then gently scrub that area. Do not pick or squeeze your ingrown hairs, as they may scar.

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